King Khafre’s Burial Site

Staying on the same topic as last week, once Khufu’s son died Egyptians, built him a pyramids and The Great Sphinx. The second great pyramid of Giza was called Pyramid of Khafre. Khafre was king Khufu’s second son. Upper parts of Khafre’s pyramid still have some of its outer casing. It is believed that all 3 of the pyramids of Giza, had the similar outer casing. The interior of Khafre’s pyramid is much simpler than Khufu’s. There are two passageways, one single burial chamber and one less significant chamber.

(Upper casing is visible at the top point of the pyramid)

Once Khafre died, not only was he made a pyramid for his burial site, but also a Great Sphinx. This Sphinx was the first enormous sculpture in Egyptian history. The close association between Khafre’s face and the lions head intends that the Sphinx was built for him. The lion is a very important Egyptian animal and references the sun as a symbol of the horizon. The combination of the kings head with such a powerful animal’s body was very important to Egyptian history. The Sphinx has appeared in many ancient Egyptian stories. Something that is very impressive for the when The Great Sphinx was built (2494 BC) is the proper proportion between the animal’s body and the human head. The Egyptians were able to construct the head so that it would last for a long time without being weathered away by sand or falling off the body.


Question: What other great leaders have had such a large burial site similar to king Khafre?



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