The Colosseum

The colosseum located in the center of Rome, just east of the roman forum, took about 10 years to construct. Construction started in 70 A.D. Its dimensions are fairly large standing 157 feet high and its perimeter is 1788 ft. During the Colosseum games the maximum seating capacity was 50,000. Larger than any arena built for its time. It was possible to fit a modern day football field within its towering walls. Unfortunately the Colosseum has been through its fair share of earthquakes, having the entire south walls collapse.

The Colosseum was built for the roman entertainment. Animals and people would fight to the death as thousands of citizens watched. During the course of the Colosseum games over 1,000,000 animals and 400,000 people have died for the people’s entertainment. This truly was a horrific way of seeking entertainment. Some events held at the Colosseum even lasted as long as 100 days. Something that is totally different from today’s events is that during the ancient times Romans were given free admission. The last Colosseum game was recorded in the 6th century.

Today the Colosseum is Rome’s number 1 tourist attraction and expects 3.9 million visitors every year. From today’s weather and pollution the Colosseum has lost 2/3rds of its original landscape. Restoration efforts have started since 1990 and continue to do so.

Discussion Question: What’s a present day Colosseum for where citizens come for entertainment?



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