The Pyramids of Giza

One of the last remaining seven wonders of the world is The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu). The pyramid was constructed in El Giza, Egypt roughly between 2500 – 2490 B.C. The Pyramid of Giza is the largest out of the three still standing. This structure is significantly large for the era it was built in. There is a common myth that extra-terrestrial life helped build the pyramid; however, there is no real evidence to explain this myth. What many people suggest is that there was an army of people

The reasoning behind constructing the pyramids was to show respect to the rulers, which in the case was pharaoh Khufu. People believed the pyramid was a regeneration site for the deceased ruler. Not only was the pyramid used as a burial site, but also has a reference to the sun. Ancient texts read that the pyramids were designed as a ramp for the pharaoh’s to climb up into the sky. The pyramids were clearly significant to the ancient world.

A simple search of “Pyramid of Giza” on google images shows the viewers the beautiful pyramid with its neighbour pyramids surrounded by a desert. Unfortunately this is not the case, there is a golf course and resort only a few hundred feet from the pyramids. Also, there is a proposition to have a major high run through the pyramids. All of this is creating lots of pollution in the air and as a result it weathers the pyramids down. UNESCO is an organization that is trying to help preserve the pyramids. They were successful in shutting down the idea of building a highway that would run in between the pyramids. Now the highway is rerouted far north, so the air pollutants from the cars won’t destroy the pyramids. It is curious why the government of Egypt doesn’t take better care of one of the seven wonders of the world.



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